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The installation of video surveillance immediately takes the security of housing or non-residential objects to a qualitatively new level, since in a modern city it is no longer possible to imagine complete security without control and surveillance.

It is not enough to install video surveillance — cameras should be located in the right places, and their review should have as few “blind” zones as possible. A well-designed video surveillance system will allow you to quickly identify the perpetrators of various incidents, and most incidents can simply be prevented.

At an enterprise, in a residential building or office center, as a rule, various security systems are provided. Video surveillance is key among them. Intelligent placement of CCTV cameras transmitting information via CCTV channels allows you to conveniently monitor all movements at the facility from one point. A system of various devices and competently adjusted software complement the possibilities of visual security, which is provided by control through surveillance cameras.

The security of an object can be approached comprehensively by combining several systems into a single scheme:

  • CCTV;
  • security and fire alarm,
  • system of control and management of access to the enterprise (object);


Installation by professionals

In order for the funds invested in surveillance to give a result — security, all stages of the design and installation of the system (project, selection of equipment, installation of video surveillance and maintenance) should be entrusted to one contractor . In this case, the system will work efficiently, and you will be able to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues related to control and security.

The Svyazist company is the same contractor and equipment supplier that installs video surveillance systems in Murmansk, taking into account the smallest details. Our systems work like a precise clockwork, and our customers don’t have to worry about their boundaries being violated, dishonesty from visitors or employees, and a host of other troubles.

The video surveillance system is the icing on the cake for the complete security of the facility in the modern sense.

Our company is engaged in the development and installation of various video surveillance systems. Among them are the main ones:

  • analog;
  • IP video surveillance via the Internet (digital);
  • AHD (analogue HD).

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